Saturday, August 29, 2015

With fall right around the corner, I'm already getting hungry for all my favorite meals. For me, fall is all about comfort food. Even though I am now a non-smoker, I'm not all that worried about dieting too much. I'm just not a dieter. Hopefully, I won't have to, because I am a foodie! I love to eat! 

I don't think I could ever totally cut out all of my favorite foods. I think I will always enjoy snacking... and yes, I love my junk food! I love salty snacks, and I love sweets! That will never change! 

At the moment, I am actually underweight. I don't need to lose, I need to gain! I'm also working on my cooking skills, and have found some dishes that I think look and sound mighty tasty. 

I'm really looking forward to doing lots of cooking this fall. I hope to be as good of a cook as my momma. My mom and I are very close. It will be a great way for us to bond. Should be lots of fun!

As of right now, these are some of the recipes I'm hoping to get to try out this upcoming fall season. No worries! This is just a preview of what's to come. 
You will get to see how it all goes!

{Breakfast Lasagna via

I'm not much of a breakfast eater. Occasionally, I do get an appetite for it, and I'll either have pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, etc. Most of the time, I don't get hungry until around 10 ish, and even then I usually eat pretty light. 

Although, I am not into dieting, I am really trying to eat healthier. These days, for breakfast, I'm choosing things such as fruit, a bowl of Raisin Bran, or some toast with or without peanut butter. 

And... of course, I gotta have my morning coffee! 
It gets me pumped for the day. 

Lately, I've been wanting to try some different things, and fall and winter is when I start to get hungrier and am likely to eat more at breakfast time. So, I am planning to try out some of the breakfast recipes I've found around on Pinterest.

{Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Strips
via The Dish}

For lunch, I will normally have a sandwich, a salad, or some fruit, or a veggie. I may have some chips with my sandwich, occasionally. I love turkey sandwiches! Yummmm!!! This fall season, I'd like to change things up a bit, and try out some new things.

{Island Pork Tenderloin via

This is my favorite meal of the day! I love suppertime! We usually eat more at dinner, and it's usually chicken, pork chops, pasta dishes, or we'll do the frozen hamburgers that you can make on the stove, along with homemade fries. That's one of my favorites, but I am really wanting to try out some new recipes. 

One of our favorites is breakfast for dinner. I might not be crazy about it in the morning, but I do love some eggs and bacon, or pancakes for supper.

{Glazed Lemon Sugar Cookies

I really don't eat a lot of it, but every once in a while, I love to have something sweet after my meal. Maybe a cookie or two, or some chocolate cake. I do have a sweet tooth, and I love chocolate! I'm really looking forward to getting in the kitchen and doing some baking!

{Beef Enchilada Dip via

Hopefully, there will be some festivities this year. I know I'll be getting together with family and friends for the holiday's. I am really hoping to do some entertaining this year, and I've found so many delicious looking recipes that I am determined to try. I am in the party business, so I'm sure there will be some open houses happening in the near future.

{Candied Grapes via

One thing is for sure, I love my snackies! It's not that I pig out all day long. I really don't snack much, but when I do, I sure do enjoy them. I love chips, pretzels, and my absolute favorite would have to be popcorn! Especially, the white cheddar kind. However,
I've also been trying to eat more fruit.

{Healthy Banana Cream Pie Smoothie

You have to have something refreshing to drink. There are some people who can eat without a beverage. That has never made since to me. These days I'm drinking lots more water, and I have really cut back on the sodas. In fact, I am only drinking them on the weekends, and on special occasions. At least, that's what my goal is. I've had a few sips here and there. I'm just kind of weaning off of it. 

I'm really into smoothies lately. AND NO! I don't mean the kind with kale in it. I know people say it's like the best thing for you, but I'm sorry... that's just nasty! NOT HAPPENING!!!

What are some of your favorite fall meals/recipes?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Pink Zebra
I did receive compensation for this post.

Last night my house smelled amaaazing!!! That's because of the Warm Apple Pie Sprinkles Cristin Miller Coffman sent me from her Pink Zebra store.  My mom and I both enjoyed the aroma that filled our home, and she was even tempted to go and bake a pie. If we had the makings for it, she may have done so. I got a good whiff of it before adding it to our warmer, and it already smelled lovely. 

It's so easy to use! If you already have a Scentsy warmer, you can just use that. Just add a little bit of the sprinkles to the warmer, turn it on, and let it work it's magic! 

We will definitely be using the sprinkles a lot this holiday season. I think our guests will be very pleased when they come to visit.

There are other products, and other sprinkle flavors I am really looking forward to trying out, but I am very happy with the Warm Apple Pie!

Want to try out the sprinkles? Stop by Cristin's shop to see all the yummy flavors that are available. I have a feeling the other flavors are just as delightful.

Have you tried any of the sprinkles, or any other Pink Zebra products? 
If yes which ones, and what are your favorites?

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Friday, August 28, 2015

So, I still have yet to actually do a project yet. It's been a couple of years since I did some shopping at JoAnn Superstore. Gosh I miss that place! I found some really cool things that I bought, and still haven't done anything with them. That doesn't mean I won't! 

It seems I've been bitten by the artsy-craftsy bug. It's not that I've been putting it off, I've just been collecting, and I just haven't figured out exactly where to start. 

I've been researching and trying to get some ideas. I think I'm getting somewhere. For now, until I figure out what I'm going to do, it's all about inspiration. I love discovering! I'm always so inspired by the amazing things people create. I'm nowhere near their level yet, but with practice, who knows?

:My Project Plan List:

I want to find projects I can do without breaking the bank. I'm on a pretty tight budget these days.

{via BuzzFeed}

I have seen some super cool clothespin projects that 
I think might be doable.

I've been in the mood to do some kind of paint project, and I think 
a spray paint project would be so much fun!

{via Her Campus}

I love glitter! I love anything that sparkles. I want and 
need to add a little sparkle to my life.

So excited for Halloween, and the holiday's! I intend to get 
pretty festive this year.

I want to see if I can work with what I got. I'm kind of a hoarder and have plenty of junk I think I can work with. I'm doing some inventory, and looking into what I can do with the items in my junk drawer.

{via Pinterest}

I bought Mod Podge, but I think it is probably expired. I never even opened it! Silly me! I will have to invest in some more. I really want to do some mod podge projects this year.

What are some projects you are working on? Are there any that you have 
already completed? Feel free to share!

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Perfectly Posh
I did receive compensation for this post.

If you are wanting to pamper yourself, Pefectly Posh has the perfect products to help you with all of your pampering needs. Their products are made with the best and most natural ingredients!

At Kristal DeCarlo's shop, you will find products for your face, hands and feet, body, bath, and they even have stuff for men!

:Here are some products you might want to try:

For Hands & Feet:

{Honey, Honey Healing Body Creme &
Honey, Honey Healing Hand Creme}

{The "It" Girl Big Fat Yummy
Hand Creme}

For Your Face & Lips:

{Complexion Perfection Exfoliating
Face Wash}

{Perk Skin Stick}

Great for soothing headaches and neckaches!

{Drop Dead Gorgeous Face Mask}

{Make-Out Magic Lipsofistication
Lip Balm}

These lip balms are only $4, and would 
be great stocking stuffers!

For Your Body:

{The Stripper Body Mask}

{Life Is a Kick Shave Creme}

{Mango Marshmallow Skindelicious
Body Butter}

For Your Hair:

{End Mend Shampoo & Conditioner}

{End Mend Fix Spritz}

For Bath Time:

{Life Is a Dream Bubble Bath}

{Amaaazing Bag of Bombs}

Bath Bar}

For the Men:

{Stud Stick Skin Repair}

{Hairy Beast Shave Gel}
{Calm the Beast Aftershave}

I love all the cute and clever names they give
their products!

For more info about Perfectly Posh, stop by Kristal's site, and you can get in contact with her if you have any questions, or would like to place an order.

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